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The Shape of Things

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Morph, of the dimension-spanning Exiles.

Morph (real name : Kevin) has a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering from the Xavier Institute. He was a member of the New Mutants, X-Men, and Avengers. And probably the Defenders, since everyone else has been. Back home, he was the most popular member of the Avengers team - even moreso than Captain America.

Very little has been revealed in the comics about Morph's homeworld beyond that. For the purposes of this version, I have established him as an important 'crossover' entertainer, whose popularity lead to a greater acceptance of mutants in society. Morph's version of the Marvel Earth is a much more pleasant and melodrama-free incarnation as a result.


  • Shapeshifting - Morph can adopt any shape of which he can conceive. This power is the result of his complete control over his own molecules. Though he often retains his pupil-less eyes when shifting, he seems to be able to manifest pupils just fine when he's actually disguising himself, and not just clowning around. He is able to vary his mass to a degree as well. Notably, he has no odor, so barring some externally-applied scent to mask that fact, those with sharp noses may see through his disguises. He is not able to actually produce other chemical substances, and while he certainly could produce a reproduction of an object with a portion of his body and leave it behind, it is unknown how long that object would maintain its false shape.

  • Damage Resistance - Because of his unusual molecular structure, Morph is nearly impossible to kill. He feels pain, or something like it, but even dismemberment is no permanent hindrance.

  • Unusual Biology - Morph eats and has normal human senses, but he does not seem to excrete or bleed. He is likely to be immune to all conceivable toxins and drugs. It is unknown whether he ages normally, or needs to breathe.

  • Enhanced Strength - Because of his control over his molecular cohesion, Morph can simulate superhuman Strength. (as evidenced in some of the tougher scraps the Exiles have been in) I have arbitrarily assigned a low (Class 10) superstrength value for the time being, putting him in a league with Spider-Man.

  • Flight - If this power relates to his molecular control, then it is indicative of a high degree of otherwise untapped potential. Nevertheless, he can fly.

(Roleplay Account for the sadly defunct elseworldexiles.)